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traffics expands to Cairo and pushes international digitalization forward:
The travel tech company opens a new branch in Africa +++ Ex tourism minister and former director of the Egyptian tourist board new representatives for the company

Berlin (w&p) 5th of June 2018 – Welcome traffics: The Berlin-based travel tech expert just announced it will expand to Northern Africa to push forward its internationalization. Main motor of the activities abroad is the destination platform Connected Destination which was launched in September 2017. With ex tourism minister Hisham Zaazou as well as the former director of the tourist board – Mohamed Gamal – the team includes two very prominent names. According to traffics-CEO Salim Sahi they shall represent the company in Africa to connect new customers to the innovative system.

Connected Destination targets hotels, private accommodations as well as providers of activities which will have the chance to digitalize their processes within the value added chain with the system. Through integrated, virtual pay processes as well as digital contracts it connects destinations with the global travel sales in real time, making bookings a lot easier. For the first time, Egyptian travel agencies will also have the possibility to benefit by getting access to the platform through a CosmoNaut Egypt version. By means of this special edition they can now handle the domestic tourism in a very uncomplicated way.

“With Hisham Zaazou and Mohamed Gamal we were able to allure two very prominent experts for our project”, says traffics-CEO Salim Sahi. “They know the requirements of the German as well as the characteristics and needs of the local market.”

For traffics the new branch in Cairo is the next step in terms of internationalization after opening an office on the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca where the company had launched the Connected Destination platform in collaboration with the local authorities. With a total of 38 per cent market share, CosmoNaut is the number two among the booking systems in Germany.

CosmoNaut is being used in the following markets:
Germany (also Austria and Switzerland)
The Netherlands
Czech Republic

Branches of traffics:
Berlin – Headquarters / holding
Mallorca – Representation office Western Europe
Seville – Support Call Center Spain
Bucharest – Representation office Eastern Europe
Cairo – Representation office Africa