Inspire your customers!

Spectacular travel consultancy with HeliView



We can guarantee you that your customers have never seen anything like this before!

Offer your customers the possibility to interactively fly over 9,000 hotels, 16,000 km of coastlines, beaches and attractions. With HeliView, a multiple award-winning product, both your travel agency and your online travel portal will obtain an appropriate inspirational tool for your customers. Inspire your customers and increase the average travel price per booking.


Innovation at the highest level

HeliView is a new dimension of travel booking. With us, you can already experience the future of travel distribution! Inspire your customers with interactive travel booking from the helicopter perspective. With HeliView, your customers will virtually fly over hotels, beaches and tourist attractions. Thus, the search for a suitable travel offer will become an emotional experience.


Advantages of HeliView

  • reach a higher average travel price and thus higher commission payments
  • HeliView is fully integrated into the consultancy and booking process and thus directly influences the purchasing decision
  • fascinates and inspires the customers and wins their trust due to its transparency
  • HeliView is not a stand-alone application
  • HeliView, as a moving image, has established itself as a further decision criterion, in addition to the travel price, hotel photos and reviews

A study by Google and comScore states that 89% of holiday seekers and 93% of business travelers use videos as a decision aid. Source: comScore

Moreover, according to a recent survey of “Videocounter”, an increase of approximately 20% has been achieved in the conversion and booking rate after a video integration.
Source: comScore



Use HeliView in the following applications:

  • CosmoNaut
  • Evolution IBE
  • Universal Connector

Interactive travel booking with HeliView

Based on a unique and interactive video technology, the up-to-date hotel deals and holiday packages of approximately 200 tour operators from German-speaking countries are integrated in real-time (live) into the HeliView films (e.g. TUI, Thomas Cook, FTI, Alltours…).

Spectacular 360 degree hotel scenic flights

The intuitive and interactive usability enables, upon clicking on the price label, a 360 degree hotel scenic flight and takes the user to the next movie clip. Thus, the hotel and its surroundings can be examined from all angles.

HeliView shows your customers the attractions, as well

Awaken even more emotions and enthusiasm for the destination in your customers. HeliView shows even tourist attractions from the helicopter perspective. Upon clicking on the tourist attraction, a 360 degree scenic flight will start and the user will be taken to the next movie clip. Even before starting the holiday, the highlights of the holiday region can be searched via moving images – such as mosques in Istanbul, cliffs and volcanoes in the Canaries, scenes at airports, on the sea, historical buildings, as well as secluded beaches, coves, golf courses, marinas and many other points of interest.

Innovations and product features

  • over 9,000 hotels in 360 degree scenic flight with zoom on pools and surroundings
  • 16,000 km georeferenced flights along the beaches
  • coasts, beaches, hotels and tourist attractions from above
  • authentic mediation of hotels and surroundings via spectacular film recordings
  • interactively clickable, from a beach flight to an individual hotel flight
  • HeliView is customizable in its design, functions, interactivity and content
  • integrated hotel photos, texts, hotel reviews, maps, prices and additional information
  • HeliView is available on the following platforms: Windows, Mac, HTML5, Flash, Android, iOS, Apple (iPhone, iPad), HbbTV Standard (Pro7/RTL/digital TV), CE TV, Sony TV, Philips TV and T-Entertain-Box

HeliView customization

Complete customization according to your corporate design & workflow. We will adjust your HeliView software according to your wishes:

  • functions can be activated and deactivated
  • interactivity can be adjusted as desired
  • customized adjustments are possible

Increase your competitive advantages with HeliView

  • positive and emotional representation of hotels and holiday regions via unique and spectacular film recordings
  • mediation of comprehensive and authentic impressions of the destination (hotels, coasts, tourist attractions, golf courses, airports, etc.)
  • adaptation to the current customer behavior and to the trend towards information gathering via moving images
  • media advertising effect via TV reports, newspapers and online magazines