Monitor your KPIs and measure your performance!

With the new Business Intelligence Analyze Tool, you will get an excellent reporting structure, plus you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the data quality of your various tour operators. Furthermore, you can simply create a benchmark for different evaluations.

With the new analysis options, you can monitor in real time the placement of your offers on the market, you can actively engage with the product management tools and you can increase your booking options. Thus, you have the opportunity to respond to the needs of your customers and to organize them actively.

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Control your dynamic travel offers and create live margins with the new product management tool.

Discover the highlights now:

  • determine amounts as a fixed sum and/or percentage-wise
  • your self-determined margin will be adopted directly
    with each new packaging
  • optimal overview of your preset margins via the
    search and filter functions
  • setting of margins for countries and regions, up to
    individual airports, so that every differing margin is valid
  • setting of actions for specific periods, e.g.
    Christmas, New Year’s Eve or during the summer holidays