Salim Sahi (CEO)


In 1993, the 18-year-old entrepreneur Sahi, a retail salesman at that time, founded a travel agency and tour operator together with his brother. Initially, trips could be booked via fax. In times without internet, this can be considered a pioneer of online booking and dynamic trip production. During this period, Sahi developed into a tourism expert.

In 2000, Sahi founded with Jens Muskewitz the “Traffics Softwaresysteme für den Tourismus GmbH”. Today, Sahi runs the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and provides it with innovative power via concepts such as HeliView.


 Jens Muskewitz (CSA)


Jens Muskewitz is a graduate engineer and is now one of the leading developers in the travel technology industry. With his expertise in software development, he has significantly driven forward the company in terms of technological innovations. With him, the systems successfully provided by Traffics GmbH were continuously enhanced, in accordance with the market requirements.

In 2000, he teamed-up with Sahi and together they have founded Traffics GmbH; he currently heads the company as CSA. Before that, he worked on encryption technologies for, among others, Rohde und Schwartz, communication technologies for online services, as well as at business consultancy companies such as Price Waterhouse (now PWC).