Berlin, 6th of October 2016 (w&p) – Modular booking more individual than ever before: Recently, technology company traffics has presented its new comparison and reservation system CosmoNaut. On the occasion of a road show throughout Germany, the Berlin-based company now has launched a completely new feature for the world of travel agencies. For the first time, agents can now combine various one way flights and add hotels at the same time for different stops.

Example: A customer wants to book a European city tour. Among the stops are Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon as well as Paris. From there, it will go back to the origin – the airport of Berlin. By using FlexTrip the travel agent can now determine the necessary lags within CosmoNaut. To design the order of flights even more streamlined, users can also filter by nonstop offers. An interactive map displays the complete routing in a very clear way. At the same time, clients are shown applicable hotels, apartments, villas and holiday homes from the portfolio of various providers and tour operators at the side of the FlexTrip screen. Last but not least, hotel content delivered by Expedia Online is also shown.

With its new innovation, traffics reacts to a changed booking pattern of customers as well as the trend of modular travel packages. Also, stationary sales channels of the travel industry have been looking for new products and business models for a long time. FlexTrip now brings these developments together and helps drawing the target group back to the counter.

“In a fast moving digital world where flights and hotels are easily available for everyone, but online research costs a high amount of time, we again strengthen the competence of the travel agencies”, says traffics-CEO Salim Sahi. “We now offer our partners a platform that connects all flight and hotel rates of on- and offline tour operators and provides them with the possibility to combine them.”

The technology behind the innovation:

In the background, a new dynamic packaging search algorithm of traffics – „DP Search” – ensures hotels and flight rates in real time – at an enormous speed. These are not generated by using cache data, but by the actual availabilities of providers. The new DP Search combines various forms of travel in one search logic for the first time.


About traffics:

traffics is one of the leading travel technology companies since 1999, and it stands for innovative and customer-oriented solutions in the travel industry. The product portfolio ranges from a touristic computerized booking system via Internet Booking Engines to exclusive touristic content. This makes the Berlin-based company a leading supplier of reservation, consultancy and booking systems for travel agencies, web, TV and mobile applications. Via HeliView, traffics provides a unique technology for interactive travel search, which has an integrated booking function from the helicopter perspective.  This system is used by more than 6,000 travel agencies, as well as by renowned travel portals, airlines, hotels and tour operators. Due to its continuous work on innovations, traffics has already been distinguished with several awards.


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